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Co-Parent Coaching

In The Good Divorce, Constance Ahrons writes: "Is divorce good? The answer is a resounding 'no'." "But if divorce isn't good, is there such a thing as a good divorce? The answer is a resounding 'yes'."

Divorce brings many challenges for the whole family. Some parents feel guilty about how it will affect the family while other parents are too distracted by anger and resentment toward their ex-spouse that they lose sight of how divorce is affecting their children. In any case, everyone in the family benefits when parents work together and cooperate fully for the benefit of the children.

Co-parenting coaching is designed to provide support, education and guidance to parents who are separated, divorced or are in the process of separation or divorce. Co-parent coaching can help parents move from conflict to cooperation and deal with the transition of restructuring the family while providing consistency and reducing anxiety for their children.

Goals can include:

  • understanding normal reactions to divorce
  • healing the loss of the family unit
  • learning ways to communicate more effectively
  • establishing healthy boundaries
  • minimizing stress during transitions between two homes
  • creating and maintaining a consistent parenting plan for both homes
  • making joint decisions (scheduling, school activities, holidays, etc.)
  • adjusting to a blended family

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