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Insurance vs. Paying Out Of Pocket

Insurance can provide assistance in payment for services. However, there are some advantages to the client when choosing to pay out of pocket. Please be advised of these advantages before making a decision to have claims filed with your insurance company.

Mental Health Diagnosis

Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis for the client when insurance is filed. This diagnosis will become part of your permanent health record and may be considered when you apply for things such as employment, security clearances, loans, life insurance and other health insurance policies. The record of a mental health diagnosis may affect your ability to receive future medical insurance coverage.

Restrictions on Treatment

When using insurance benefits, the insurance company often imposes restrictions on the client's treatment. They may limit the frequency and number of sessions they will cover. They may deny payment for treatment of conditions that they feel are not a medical necessity. They may restrict certain treatment approaches which may exclude the approach that would be the most helpful to the client. Requests for additional sessions to be authorized must be reviewed by a managed care worker. This process can cause delays and disruption in the counseling process.


When insurance is filed, your insurance company will have access to your treatment information. Insurance companies may not keep this information confidential.

Paying Out Of Pocket

Many clients choose to pay for services out of pocket instead of using insurance for the following reasons: they want to protect their privacy; they want to choose their therapist; they want to choose their type and length of treatment; and they want to avoid a mental health diagnosis for themselves or their child that could follow them for years to come.

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